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He is also research associate in an auditory neuroscience lab at the University of Calgary.Stephan runs his own music history and theory studio and is a senior examiner in both disciplines at the Royal Conservatory of Music.The show From his funny, catchy animations to his hilarious, unauthorized Harry Potter commentary, Brad Neely always makes my life a little more enjoyable.The admiration extends to the artist's Adult Swim series, China, IL, which returns Sunday for a second season.But showing up late actually works to my disadvantage.I should show up early (maybe at p.m.), get used to the surroundings and greet people one-on-one as they arrive, so that by 7 p.m., I’m comfortable.

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All these experiences and the urge to constantly evolve in photography played a big part of how I saw the world through the lens. They range from a peacefully floating great white shark off the coast of Mexico to unique aerials I shot hanging out of helicopters and tiny airplanes.

(Greta Gerwig and Jeffrey Tambor also lend their voices.)I was excited to speak with with Neely and executive producer Daniel Weidenfeld about the new season.

They talked to me about upcoming episodes, casting Hulk and slacking off in school: Hey, guys!

Until June 13 this summer, visitors to 45 Park Lane can discover the striking works of audacious photographer Jin-Woo Prensena as he unveils ELEMENTS, a collection of his daring travel adventures laid bare in 29 stunning prints – many shown publicly for the first time.

We caught up with Jin-Woo to find out more about what inspires his stunning photographs, and how he manages to work in such extreme conditions. Before my career as a photographer, I spent 12 years working as one of the top handlers in Hollywood for an A-list celebrity.

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