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How would that be meaningful when virtually every tech company in Europe is encrypting data traffic?You're not likely to see UK-specific versions of apps that introduce security holes.The UK is undoubtedly the main concern, even after it leaves the EU.A ban on backdoors would make it difficult for the country to enforce the Investigatory Powers Act's requirement that companies remove "electronic protection" when possible.The proposal has to be approved by Parliament and then reviewed by the EU Council, so there's still a chance that the rules will be softened if and when the amendments pass.If they do clear, though, they could set up a conflict between the EU and countries that aren't so fond of encryption.As per the final wording of the law, comms providers on the receiving end of a "technical capacity notice" will be obliged to do various things on demand for government snoops – such as disclosing details of any system upgrades and removing "electronic protection" on encrypted communications.

Back doors in authentication systems are easy to create, and are all too common.

Back in 1996, an early version of SSL was broken because of flaws in its random-number generator.

With John Kelsey and Niels Ferguson in 1999, I co-authored Yarrow, a random-number generator based on our own cryptanalysis work. government released a new official standard for random-number generators this year, and it will likely be followed by software and hardware developers around the world.

Among the many unpleasant things in the Investigatory Powers Act that was officially signed into law this week, one that has not gained as much attention is the apparent ability for the UK government to undermine encryption and demand surveillance backdoors.

As the bill was passing through Parliament, several organizations noted their alarm at section 217 which obliged ISPs, telcos and other communications providers to let the government know in advance of any new products and services being deployed CSPs subject to a technical capacity notice must notify the Government of new products and services in advance of their launch, in order to allow consideration of whether it is necessary and proportionate to require the CSP to provide a technical capability on the new service.

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