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You need to add a unique description or comment on each post to keep people engaged, see how we do this on the facebook page above.Step 3: respond or reply to anyone who comments on the page/posts in the past day or 2 to keep engagement up. We run a very small Facebook page for fans of Science Fiction TV shows, movies and games and I need someone to help me take this page to the next level by doing the work to find and schedule 7 high quality posts on the page per day.You can see the style of posts we use here on the page: https:// You would need to have a good understanding and knowledge about sci-fi tv/movies/books/games and would need to follow the following process to find and schedule the images: Step 1: Use this Chrome Browser plugin called "Pinterest Sort" to find high quality sci-fi images on pinterest.Admin can set - Hello, We are look for a business developer who can bring projects from US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and Saudi Arabia.

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Boonex Dolphin software comes with 36 preloaded modules and more than 2,000 different features.Boonex Dolphin is a social platform that allows users to build vibrant, easy to use community websites for their group or organization.Here is a that outlines exactly what users will get from this software, as well as some of the major features.While very similar to Digg, it does offer some additional features, such as trackback support, automatic title discovery, and RSS import functionality.It also has a small community that is actively working on new mods and templates.

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