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“Susan Sarandon, Sean Avery, Edward Norton, Tom Colicchio,” your VF Daily correspondent chirped happily.

It was not the reporter’s usual crowd, and our new friend looked confused when we pointed out Josh Charles by the bar. Same-sex marriage will be on the Maryland ballot in November, and Governor Martin O’Malley was at the fund-raiser. The opponents gathered the signatures and petitions necessary to put it on the ballot, and so we need to raise money to defend marriage equality in Maryland,” the governor explained.

I’d anticipated speaking to someone stressed out and rushed. I can’t wait to visit Paloma next time I’m in Brooklyn!

Camille won a spot to fly down to Miami for a month-and-a-half for the show’s third season, which aired last summer.

It was the first time that Top Chef had a parent on the show — and a single mom nonetheless. “My motivation sunk after that.” Fortunately, Camille’s daughter was well taken care of back home: Paloma’s father is involved, and both sides of the family are in the New York area. “I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things I do without this support system.” Her daughter, Paloma, who’s now seven, helps out in the restaurant kitchen a lot.

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Two things happened: I screwed up my leg, so I was on crutches, and we had a fire in the restaurant the night before, so we couldn’t light the grill.” We can’t help but wonder: What if Tom Colicchio had been in the pilot back in 1998? Would he have received a cutesy nickname, like “The Cue-Ball,” or “The Bear”?

He wouldn’t tell us very much about it—he’s writing a book—but he did reveal one tidbit to us: “No one asked me to marry him.

Across the country, I got no marriage proposals, in any state.”Meanwhile, Josh Charles, a Maryland native, is still reeling from Kristin Chenoweth having called him her “angel,” for being by her side when she was injured on the set this summer.“Now I’m going to get a horrible reputation of being a really nice person,” Charles said.

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