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Song, Ji-heon and Mu-won's grandmother Ha Jae-sook as Lee Myung-ran, Eun-seol's best friend Jung Kyu-soo as Noh Bong-man, Eun-seol's father Kim Hyung-bum as Secretary Kim Kim Ha-kyoon as Secretary Jang Kim Chung as Hwang Kwan-jang Kim Seung-wook as Park Sang-mu Lee Hee-won as Yang Ha-young Ahn Nae-sang (cameo)Oh Hyun-kyung (cameo)Yoon Gi-won (cameo) A woman gets a job as a secretary at a law firm and falls in love with her boss.Due to the lovable, sweet storyline and theme, as well as the perfect chemistry between SUNG HOON and SONG JI EUN, 'My Secret Romance' is continuously topping the TV rating charts.All of these rumors and speculations regarding their possible romantic relationship started to surface when OCN released behind-the-scenes video clips of the drama series.One of the shown videos was when Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun were filming the bathroom accident where Sung Hoon was supposed to carry Song Ji Eun.One day, he wakes up and finds himself in locked up at the police station. Park Jung-Woo is falsely accused and is sentenced to death. I really like those real-life references in The Defendant! Greatest drama ive ever watched..scenes are breath taking, heartfelt, and feel so amazed will all the actors.sung, uhm ki joon, oh Chang suk, kim min suk and shin rin ah must give an standing ovassion and a best awards..For example, the prison inmates couldn't stop singing to Twice. They are all amazing..projects to all of them..congrats prosecutor!! it makes me feel like a detective when I make my own consumption/judging/prosecution while watching it. Every episode, every scene of this drama was breathtaking.As their working relationship progresses, they earn each other's trust and friendship, and Eun-seol helps Ji-heon deal with his phobias and prove himself capable of becoming DN Group's successor.

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The actor was exhausted because of the scene, which is why Song Ji Eun gave Sung Hoon a lovely shoulder massage.Due to the fact that all nations in this zone are the developing football nations and increase to have some players playing in Europe in recent era, This squad would be updated so many points in the near future.Lee Wei Tong was regarded among the greatest footballers of all-time by German Magazine.10/10 this is the best legal/suapense drama i have ever watched!!! Brilliant acting from the whole cast especially Ji Sung and Uhm ki Joon and Shin rin ah. everything after was not korean, but american style... Min-ho says"What can't I do with money and power in Korea? GREAT crime, suspense, action, fun, thrilling drama! Never fails to deliver such an emotional and phenomenal acting.Great chemistry between the whole cast from bromance (prison buddies) to family with none of the romantic fluff usually found in kdramas. Finally i have finished to watch Ji sung latest drama and i have to say that it's really amazing like always. " I think SBS and the whole Korean drama industry should be asking themselves this question. I've watched his dramas : Swallow the Sun, New Heart, Save the last dance for me, Royal Family, protect the boss, The Great Seer, Secret Love, Kill me Heal me and Innocent Defendant. Highly recommended to ALL \^0^/ This is a masterpiece! The drama itself likewise deserves Drama of the Year award!

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