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The star said the drugs made him 'insane' and said he was 'stupid and reckless' to mix them with alcohol.You don't need to go abroad for great views as the UK is blessed with both natural and non-natural beauties, from dramatic valleys and cityscapes to beautiful coastal paths.They include (clockwise from top left): a cafe with a breathtaking view of the Highland mountains; a picturesque restaurant by a pretty Scottish river; a perfect view of a Cornish beach; and an awe-inspiring look at Tower Bridge while you eat steaks in central London.a professional athlete and the dedicated focus on exercise (up to 6 hours a day) during her growing years.Check out a few pictures of her in the related links section, one in her athletic outfit from a few years ago and the other in a glamorous leather skirt where she has gotten taller and added more muscle.

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