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He had arrived at the court of Ranjit Singh in 1822 along with Ventura, and received a command in the cavalry with an annual fixed salary of Rs. Allard, together with Ventura, Court and Avitabile, is credited with instilling a high level of discipline in Ranjit Singh's troopsthe brigades commanded by them were considered the elite force of the Khalsa (Sikh) army.

Always a favorite of Ranjit Singh, on his death Allard's body, was brought with full ceremonial from Peshawar, with salutes being fired at every principal station through which the cortege passed on its route.

According to historian Baqir, even after the construction of flats, the name of the garden was popular among old inhabitants.

Today, the name Kuri Bagh is unknown; however, there is a building known as Munshi Chambers, which provides access in its rear to a yard containing a tomb of Mr. The structure with its distinctive Sikh styled fluted cupola is an important monument of the period, having been built by a French general in the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

The shrine of Mauj Darya, built in 1591 during the reign of Emperor Akbar, is situated on Edward Road.

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In the certificate, the department has mentioned that scant piling method would be applied to secure the existing structure and graves.

“In the unlikely event of any damage to the main building or adjacent properties, the executing agency shall restore them to their original condition, the NOC reads.

LAHORE: The shrines of Mauj Darya and his wife Bibi Kalan, dating back to the Mughal era, will be affected by the construction of the Orange Line Metro Train project.

The train’s underground track is set to touch the eastern walls of both shrines.

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