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While Michaels eventually cast aside the partiers in favor of "good girls" every season — including the season that inexplicably took place on a bus — it was still riveting to see what offense the proudly inebriated contestants on this VH1 would be kicked off for each week.

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Reunited exes spend time together wearing skimpy bathing suits, playing suggestive games, giving each other sensual massages, kissing and groping, and sometimes having sex (off screen, of course).

Some candidates wanted to make the football team; others wanted to win in a beauty pageant. Well, this show will make that person sit in a room with your parents and watch their child go on dates with two people of the parents choosing.

Parental Control was a reality dating show that aired on MTV.

Below is a list of MTV shows that should 100 percent be brought back to life: The show that let Fez battle it out with a group of people to see who could come up with the greatest “yo momma” joke of all time. Play it on Thursday and give us all the #TBT we’ve been waiting for. MTV should just take whatever Twitter war went viral that week and make it into an episode of this show. this person will eventually pick one of the three to date based on the things observed in their room. Diddy creating one girl group that we all fell in love with.

This hilarious TV show was so entertaining when we were growing up, and needs to be resurrected from the grave.“Hello MTV, and welcome to my crib,” is not just an Instagram caption. Let’s bring him back to see if he can do it all again.

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