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The story of SBJ started two years ago in a crowded San Francisco bar, when our founder and his (also Jewish) friends realized they were shorter than all the other guys... They realized that the bar scene heavily relies on visual cues, and in the dating world, height was a major asset.According to research, the majority of women prefer to date guys who are of equal height or taller.In fact, I sent three pairs of their hiking boots to Haiti, in the wake of the earthquake, thinking that was something people could really use. The minute I got home, I typed this sentence into Google: “My Ecco shoes started disintegrating,” and voila!and Thank the heavens and Al Gore for the Internet.Did the carpet cleaner somehow get chemicals in my shoe closet? My shoes were dissolving and leaving black pieces everywhere and I didn’t have a clue why.Let me say this: I’ve been a big fan of Eccos and have owned 20 pairs over the years. They are expensive, but up until now, have always been worth the money.As if the vertically-challenged don't have to deal with enough (what with hemming pant legs, straining to peer over people at concerts, and struggling to reach the top shelf at grocery stores), it turns out taller people are better compensated than their shorter colleagues.

WITH UPDATE (below) There I was at a formal party, wearing a black suit and a beautiful pair of Ecco shoes (lace-up Oxfords which list for 9-7), when I felt like I had stepped in something.The boot is Goodyear welted, meaning the upper and sole are sewn together in our heat-sealed z-welt stitch for enhanced comfort.The Martel Creeper comes in Smooth, the classic durable Dr. From the time they were invented through their subversive history, these pieces have come to stand for everything classic about our brand.Here are some of the complaint boards: here; and here; and here.Welcome to the Shoes & Accessories section of Coupon

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