Updating windows 98 programs

But as you’ve discovered, the program conveniently ignores people with older Windows versions, like Windows Millennium, or Windows 98. Since there’s no automatic way to move the information from your Windows 98 computer to your new computer, you’ll have to do the grunt work yourself.

If you decide to switch to NTFS, you can do so during Setup or after Windows 2000 is installed.

Cannot reinstall entire OS from the Updates CD If you want to do a clean installation to a new directory or new drive letter, you must first install the original Windows 98 released version, and then apply the Updates CD.

You can not reinstall the entire Windows 98 Second Edition directly from the Updates CD.

You’ll have to buy updated versions of your programs, and check to see if they can still open the same file formats used back in Windows 98.

Windows 98 only came out 12 years ago, but that’s several generations in computer time.

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